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Circumstance Codes

1.Physical Act
2.Location - Parts I, II, and III
4.Tools, Machinery, Appliances, Structures, Surfaces (etc.)
5.Probable Reason for Injury/Illness
When selecting circumstance codes, use a COMBINATION THAT BEST IDENTIFIES the key factors without duplicating information identified by another code. The narrative portion of the report is to be used to provide additional information concerning those items that cannot be adequately described on the coded portions of the form. Reference the FRA Guide for Preparing Accident/Incident Reports, chapter 6 and appendix F FOR more information. Use fRA Form 6180.55a. and Insert the circumstance code in the appropriate item (5j, 5k, 5l, 5m, and 5n).
Type of Circumstance Form F6180.55a Item Entry Answer the question? MS Excel Spreadsheet PDF Alpha Listing PDF Numeric Listing
All Circumstance Codes all state codes
Physical Act 5j What was the person doing when hurt?

Part I
Did A/I occur on or near rail right of way?

Part II
If A/I involved rail equipment, select code that best describes type of equipment involved
codes codes codes
Location 5k Part III
Select the code that best identifies the location of the person whose injury/illness is being reported
codes codes codes
Event 5l Select one of these Event codes codes codes codes
Tools, Machinery, Appliances, Structures, Surfaces (etc.) 5m Select one of these Result codes codes codes codes
Probable Reason for Injury / Illness 5n Select one of these Cause codes codes codes codes