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Injury and illness codes

1. Nature of the Injury
2. Location of Injury Codes
3. Occupational Illness Codes

Use both the nature of injury and location of injury codes to IDENTIFY the nature and body part affected for fatal and nonfatal injuries. Place the combined CODEs in the FORM F6180.55a, item 5i. When an individual has sustained multiple injuries, the most severe of these is to be identified. If the injuries are of equal severity, for example, cuts or abrasions on arms and legs, then the multiple location code "8" may be used.
Use the occupational illness codes that IDENTIFY ILLNESSES. Place this code IN FORM F6180.55a, item 5i.
Reference the FRA Guide for Preparing Accident/Incident Reports , chapter 6 FOR more information.
Type of Injuries and Illnesses Form F6180.55a Item Entry Answer the question? MS Excel Spreadsheet PDF Alpha Listing PDF Numeric Listing
All Injury and Illness Codes all state codes
Nature of the Injury What is the injury?
Where is the injury?
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Location of Injury Codes 1 Arm or Hand
3 Leg or Foot
5 Head or Face
6 Torso
8 Injuries to multiple body parts
9 Other body parts
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Occupational Illnesses:
Occupational Illness Codes What is the illness?
- Occupational Skin Diseases or Disorders
- Dust Diseases of the Lungs (Pneumoconiosis)
- Respiratory Conditions Due to Toxic Agents
- Poisoning (Systemic Effects of Toxic Materials) - Disorders Due t Physical Agents (Other than Toxic Materials)
- Disorders Due to Repeated Trauma
- Other Occupational Illnesses not listed above
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