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Reporting Level Definitions

a. Individual Railroad An Individual railroad represents only those records reported under the selected railroad’s own FRA reporting code without any grouping.
b. System Railroad : A System railroad represents a grouping defined by the FRA of records reported by a parent railroad along with the subsidiaries and affiliates owned by the parent.
  • For Class 1 railroads, the FRA uses Surface Transportation Board (STB) filings submitted by each railroad to define a system railroad. This filing contains a list of subsidiaries and affiliates that the parent railroad is claiming as part of the overall railroad.
  • For non-Class 1 system railroads, the parent-child structure is reviewed on a case-by-case basis (by the FRA Railroad Safety Information Management Division’s staff.) Every attempt is made to verify and integrate these railroads with those used by FRA Office of Chief Counsel.
c. Consolidated Railroad : A Consolidated railroad represents a grouping defined by a railroad and approved by the FRA allowed to submit reports to the FRA as a single railroad entity representing the group of railroads operating under a single ownership on contiguous track as allowed under CFR 49 Part 225.6.