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Highway-Rail Crossing Database Files and Reports

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One File Crossing Inventory Data Download
 Please close all opened CSV and Excel files if any before data download.
Crossing Data is current as of 9/30/2023 (updated on a monthly basis)

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     Highway Traffic Control Devices  
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     Public Highway Information  

Reference Data and Documents:
    Lookup List as of 10/1/2023
    Agency List as of 10/1/2023
    Company List as of 10/1/2023
    Railroad List as of 10/1/2023
    Reason For Update List as of 10/1/2023
    GCIS Data Migration Strategy as of 06-21-2022
    GCIS Data Dictionary as of 06-21-2022
    GCIS Web User Guide as of 06-21-2022

  Historical Crossing Data     

The Federal Railroad Administration has launched a web site designed to provide API access to real-time Hwy-Rail Crossing Inventory datasets. You may visit the API site at the following link:
Federal Railroad Administration's Developer API Web Site
Please note that only 10 crossings are available per one Public API Request.