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Using This Site

For New Users of the Inventory and Accident Information Site
You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed in your computer in order to VIEW and/or PRINT Inventory and Accident reports. You can click on the link if you wish to download it.
To display the Inventory and/or Accident History for a single crossing, simply enter the Crossing ID# in the box, select the report type and click Generate Report. A new browser window will be launched to display the formatted PDF report.
If you do not have a specific crossing number to search, click on the Query By Location link. When the query form is located, select the State to search on. The page will reload with the Counties for the State you selected. You can then select a specific county to query or leave the default ALL COUNTIES entry. By entering a Street Name or selecting a railroad, you can further refine your search criteria. Click the Submit button to launch the query. The results will be returned in the form of a table. Click on the check boxes on to the left of each resulting crossing to identify the ones you want to generate reports for. Select the report type and click on the Generate Report button. If your browser returns a blank PDF page, it is probably an indication that you have selected too many crossings and that your browser is unable to display all of them. Click on your BACK button and reduce the number of crossings checked.
If you want to do a search by Crossing Number, you can either use the Crossing Pattern query or select a Range of Crossings. To use the Pattern Search, simply enter the first three or more digits of the crossing number. The query will return all crossings which match that pattern. To display a Range of Crossings, enter the beginning pattern (minimum of first three characters) and the ending range.
When selecting Inventory History, you will receive a report which is representative of the FRA Form F6180.71 for each Public-at-grade (the report will be abbreviated for Private and grade-separated crossings) crossing record on file. Since it is a history, you may end up with multiple records for each crossing. The Effective Date of the crossing is noted on each report. A date of "01/01/1970" indicates an original record dating from the Inventory's inception in 1974.
When running an Accident History, the application will generate representative copies of Highway-Rail Crossing Accident Incident Reports (FRA Form F6180.57) for the collisions which occurred at the identified crossing between January 1975 and the present. Data for the current year is considered preliminary, subject to change as late data and reconciliations are applied to the files. Starting in 1997, the accident data record was expanded to include additional fields of information. This information is not available for years prior to 1997 and will not be printed on the reports.