About CIR 

FRA’s Crossing Data Reconciliation Application allows States and Railroads to compare primary data fields with the US DOT National Crossing Inventory File to determine which crossings match in both files and leading to the situation where both files contain and agree on the same number of crossings. This will allow States and Railroads to check their crossing inventory files on a periodic basis to insure that the Agency’s file and the National File are in agreement, or where they disagree, identify those crossings that need further research and investigation in order to make the proper corrections.
The Application checks only six (6) coded data fields which must be submitted in an Excel format in the following order: Crossing Number, State, County, Operating Railroad, Type of Crossing, Position of Crossing. If the file is received in an incorrect format, an email will be sent explaining the problem and requesting that it be corrected. Otherwise, an email will be sent acknowledging receipt of the file and that it will be processed. Usually, within 24-hours, the file will be processed and the results returned to the submitting user.

The submitted file will be reconciled in two Phases. Phase I will only compare the Crossing Numbers to determine which crossings match and are in both files, and which do not. Phase II will compare only those crossings that match and determine discrepancies for the data fields of State, County, Operating Railroad, and Type-Position. None of the data will be used to change or update any records. The submitting State or Railroad will need to submit such updates via the standard updating procedures. Only open crossings should be submitted and will be reconciled.

While Phase I only compares Crossing Numbers, the Excel file submitted should still contain all six data fields in the correct format and order. This will permit the matching data to be immediately processed in Phase II and also will allow the submitter to better identify the crossings that are not in agreement or have a discrepancy. The submitter needs to insure that the submitted file is properly identified as to the Crossing Type (Public, Private, Pedestrian) and Position (At-grade, Grade-separated [RR Over, RR Under]).
Contact Information for Questions or Assistance:
FRA Project Office Help Desk, 1-888-372-9393 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, or via email at Support@frasafety.net.